MLSD Financial Commitment


Board of Education Resolution

The Madison Field Turf Committee and district  treasurer, Rich Natiello, worked to itemize the annual maintenance cost  for the current grass field and track. Over the last five years, the average annual cost was $22,856.00.  These costs are associated with routine maintenance such as mowing,  watering, seeding, striping, leveling, etc. All of these costs will be eliminated with the installation of a field turf. 

In order to supplant current funds dedicated to the grass field maintence, on February 21st, the Madison Board of Education approved a resolution to commit monies currently budgeted for field maintenance to the field turf project at $20,000 per year over a 10-year period. 

This is NOT a new money commitment for the turf field but a reallocation of funds already being spent on the grass field.